Natural Hand Sanitizer

Natural Hand Sanitizer

Honey Sweetie Acres

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In consideration of ALL individual customers during this unprecedented time, we are encouraging you to limit your order to six (6) spray bottles.

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NOTE:  Hand sanitizers are considered a flammable, hazardous material by all US carriers and are not eligible for First Class or reduced shipping rates.  They must be shipped by Parcel Select Ground which means the $8.95 shipping rate is applied. In addition, the package will take a few more days to reach you.

Hand sanitizing has become a habit and for some people, an obsession.  The jelled alcohol hand sanitizers can be found in every store. The problem arises in that the jell is absorbed by the skin and is extremely drying.  Protection against microbes, germs, and bacteria can be done without a complete & total drenching of alcohol. 

Essential oils from select plants provide protection in the plant world from viruses, germs and a host of nasty microbes. For our natural hand sanitizer spray, we use a blend of anti-viral powered essential oils that will sanitize the hands without using a drying chemical alcohol gel. The alcohol we have used is 120 proof Everclear which is a grain alcohol that is far less drying to the skin.  We use essential oils to BOOST the anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial power of the spray that will equate it to 60% alcohol. We then add a final portion of 99% isopropyl alcohol to ensure viral strength.

The power of both Lavender essential oil and Lemongrass essential oil combine for a one-two punch in our natural hand sanitizer spray. The Lavender provides soothing comfort to the skin and actually can help rebuild cellular structure on weak skin. Used in burn units worldwide, Lavender is an incredible protectant.  Lemongrass directly fights bacteria, viruses, and thousands of daily unavoidable germs. These two oils are the perfect combo for the skin between protecting the skin, non-drying and offering a lovely scent.  The bottle size is 2.5 ounces. 

Customers have used this natural essential oil hand sanitizer for far more than hand sanitizer.  We are told it is used to deodorize shoes, gym bags, your car, garbage cans, teenager's rooms....need we go on?  You will love the smell, much better than straight alcohol. 

This natural hand sanitizer spray is skin-safe for both children and adults. Shake well before using. 


INGREDIENTS:   120 proof Vodka, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil,  Isopropyl Alcohol (99% strength), Polysorbate 20 (emulsifier). 
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