Raw Honey - 8 oz

Honey Sweetie Acres

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REAL, RAW HONEY is good for your skin. What you eat and drink also has an effect on skin health.  We encourage our customers to ditch refined white sugar and seek more natural sources of sweetness. 

Working with a local professional beekeeper at GM Bee Farm, we are pleased to offer you these 8 oz (1/2 lb!) jars of minimally processed (filtered, not heated), raw honey. They know their bees!  These jars contain pure honey straight from the farm without any sugar syrup adulterations as can be found in some brands. The honey we have in stock is always premium quality, foraged by master beekeepers!

Have a delectable time with different versions from different locales.  Instead of a wine tasting party, try a honey tasting party that is good for your health!

Avocado Honey - (Southern California) - Amber in color, a little heavier bodied

Alfalfa - (Texas) - Light amber color, mild in flavor and aroma

Buckwheat - (Ohio) Dark amber, full-bodied, molasses type flavor

Fall Harvest - (Ohio) Butterscotch overtones, more robust than Spring Honey

Ghost Pepper - (Ohio). Small batch infusion for 6 months, allow pepper oil to add some zest and heat to the honey.

Lavender Blossom - Delicate floral aroma, unique flavor with Lavender finish.

Mesquite Blossom - (New Mexico) Earthy, slightly smokey flavor. Mesquite & cactus nectar origin.

Raspberry Blossom - (South Michigan) Very light raspberry finish 

Wildflower  - (Ohio) Miscellaneous & undefined flower sources, varies in taste & color

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