Rose Geranium Goat Milk Soap

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Rose Geranium Essential Oil ( botanical name: Pelargonium graveolens) is one of nature's gifts!  It is an exceptional oil for the care of the skin. The oil is obtained from the Geranium flower.  The rose essence is surprisingly true to a real rose and was created only by mother nature.  It is one of the few essential oils that crosses all skin types, benefiting young and aged alike.  Only a premium grade of this oil is used as the manufacturing grade is not of the same quality.

 Rose Geranium is reputed to balance sebum production. This typically means a reduction in acne and rosacea. A wonderful oil for skin healing and the minimization of scars and wounds to the skin. With so many skin conditions that have a root cause of inflammation, Rose Geranium is one of a few select oils that can rejuvenate the complexion and reduce blemishes.

This rose geranium goat milk soap bar offers your skin soothing moisture and skin-regenerating ingredients. If your skin is thin and sensitive, over time this soap can help to preserve and build its integrity. Non-irritating, non-drying

Keep a bar of rose geranium goat milk soap available as a quick RX for especially for sunburned or wounded skin. Simply lather it up well and apply to the irritated area.  Minimal accent color has been added in the form of natural red and pink oxides (from the earth).

Rose Geranium Goat Milk Soap has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 8 reviews.

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