Apple & Oak Goat Milk Soap

Apple & Oak Goat Milk Soap

Honey Sweetie Acres

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This is an interesting blend of woodsy fresh oak leaves and green oakmoss essences, combined with the softer notes of a ripe McIntosh apple and a gentle twinge of a tart and crisp Granny Smith apple. Very seasonal and a wonderful addition to your cabin or camper as you head out to explore the fall foliage. 

It was the #1 choice of buyers at the regional Apple Fest in Lebanon, OH if that gives you a clue to its allure. Sometimes the complexity of a scent intrigues our nose and we can't help but want to sniff it repeatedly. Perhaps that's why this one was a favorite.  Here is your chance to sample it and see if it appeals to you!

INGREDIENTS: Organic coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, raw goat milk, sustainable organic palm fruit oil, safflower oil, castor oil, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, apple & oak fragrance, raw honey, and vitamin E.

Apple & Oak Goat Milk Soap has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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