Billy Jo Toy Goat

Billy Jo Toy Goat

Honey Sweetie Acres

  • $ 9.99

Our Billy Jo goat is slightly different than our Billy Bob stuffed goat.  He sports multi-colored spots, something in the goat world actually known as "moon spots". He's very soft and huggable and ready to join your family.  Your kids will love him and yes, you will too.  

 We know not everyone can bring a real baby goat home after their visit to our farm, so here is a great alternative!  Our Billy Bob does not need to be fed, milked, cleaned-up after or brushed!  He's cuddly and we guarantee he is quiet!

Can't attend Goat Yoga on the farm?  This little goat will be happy to sit in your lap during your yoga practice at home. 

We have sourced high-quality stuffed animals made without a host of chemical additives and overprocessed fabrics.  The material is clean and soft.  These goats are made in the USA with great workmanship and attention to detail. 


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