Blueberry-Elderberry Preserves:Honey Sweetie Acres

Blueberry-Elderberry Preserves

Honey Sweetie Acres

  • $ 9.00

Sweet, juicy North Carolina grown whole blueberries are blended with high anti-oxidant elderberries for a unique, tantalizing taste.  Only 8 grams of pure cane sugar sweeten the mix, no artificial sweeteners or any high fructose corn syrup to taint the quality. Real lemon juice is used as a natural preservative as well as citric acid, nothing artificial here. 

Blueberries deliver a host of benefits and it has been proven that dietary benefits remain even when blueberries are frozen and even when they are cooked. Both blueberries & elderberries are supported by scientific studies showing brain health benefits, improvement in cognitive function,  improvement in insulin sensitivity. 

Customers tell us they use this in their oatmeal, on their bagels, and in their fruit smoothies. Luxury ingredients make life worth living and these preserves fit the bill! Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS:   Pure cane sugar, whole blueberries, elderberries, natural pectin, lemon juice, natural pectin mix (sucrose, pectin, citric acid)

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