Chewy Toy Goat

Chewy Toy Goat

Honey Sweetie Acres

  • $ 9.99

Chewy is a black and white little stuffed goat who stands upright on her little black feet. Soft and cuddly for kids of all ages who can't have a "real" goat in their backyard, but would really like to. So here is the next best thing. 

Chewy just needs love, no need for feeding, cleaning, milking or grooming.  The perfect pet who we guarantee will be quiet. LOL   What's not to love?  She is a fun reminder of your visit to Honey Sweetie Acres.  

Can't attend Goat Yoga on the farm?  Include this little goat in your yoga practice at home for the next best thing. 

The goats we offer are high-quality stuffed animals made from fabrics that are considered "clean", without additives and extensive chemical processing.  

Made in the USA with attention to detail and quality workmanship

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