Unscented Goat Milk Soap

Have Sensitive Skin?  Unscented Goat Milk Soap is for you!

This is the purest of the pure.

Real, raw goat milk from our healthy, pampered goats.

Our all natural unscented goat milk soap uses only the finest certified organic ingredients. No dyes No scents 100% Natural with certified organic ingredients.

Perfect for kids or those with sensitive skin who want to have the soothing, natural cleansing power of organic goat’s milk, without any additives If you have extremely sensitive skin and prefer the most natural bar possible, these are a great choice.

The most natural soap bar you can buy! 

The plain and honey unscented goat milk bar contain Organic coconut oil organic extra virgin olive oil raw goat milk sustainable organic palm fruit oil castor oil organic shea butter organic cocoa butter

The other fragrance-free goat milk soaps we sell online include Avocado Facial and Calendula.