Skin Care Quiz Facts

Tetrasodium EDTA is typically used in amounts of 0.5% or less but is considered safe in cosmetics up to a 2% concentration. Clinical studies have shown it doesn't penetrate past skin's surface.

Sodium chloride—also known as salt

Titanium dioxide is odourless and absorbent. Its most important function in powder form is as a widely used pigment for lending whiteness and opacity. Titanium dioxide has been used as a bleaching and opacifying agent in porcelain enamels, giving them brightness, hardness, and acid resistance.

Fragrance chemicals are organic compounds that volatilize, or vaporize into the air, which is why we can smell them. They are added to products to give them a scent or to mask the odor of other ingredients. The volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) emitted by fragrance products can contribute to poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and are associated with a variety of adverse health effects.

So, if you guessed all of the above, you are correct!

Now, go into your cabinet and check the ingredients of your other skincare products.  At Honey Sweetie Acres, we only use the purest ingredients for your skin.