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Beautiful Goats Book

Honey Sweetie Acres

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You might not think of goats as supermodels, but we found this little gem and knew we had to share it.  Beautiful Goats is a photographic compilation that will truly delight you with photos and detailed information on goat breeds throughout the world, including the rare Bagot.

The pages include descriptions, origin, uses, and geography.  From svelte bodies to multi-color coats, rare breeds, dairy breeds, meat & utility, it is a great primer on the different varieties. A perfect gift for any goat lover. This book is a handsome addition to any breeder's coffee table or bookshelf.  If you don't already own goats, it may have you yearning to start your own real-life collection of caprines!

The author Felicity Stockwell has raised goats for over 40 years in the UK, has written several books, and contributes to multiple livestock publications in both the US and Britain. 

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