Elderberry Extract

Elderberry Extract

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Elderberry Extract is made from juicy North American Elderberries grown by our natural product partner, Norms Farms. Norms Farm is located in Missouri and has some of the richest soil perfect for growing elderberry.  This recognized superfruit is packed with Vitamins C, B and A, iron, potassium, and the powerful antioxidants known as anthocyanins.  Anthocyanins are water-soluable and found in dark-colored fruits and plants.
There are no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup or alcohols in the bottle. Elderberry contains very high levels of antioxidants.  It surprises most people that the levels are higher than blueberry, cherry, goji, cranberry and pomegranate juices.  A teaspoon of this elderberry fruit extract a day contributes huge anti-oxidant benefits. It isn't sweet, nor is it bitter... similar to a dry red wine in taste.

Other advantages:
  1. 8 fluid ounce reusable, recyclable glass bottle
  2. Contains no alcohol
  3. Contains no glycerine fillers
  4. Refrigerate after opening
Ingredients: Elderberry, water,* malic acid** (less than .03% by volume)
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