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Honey Sweetie Acres

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As certified aromatherapists with over 500 hours (2021) of professional training, we take the sourcing of our essential oils seriously. We purchase from one approved distributor whose purity we verify with Certificates of Analysis and/or directly from essential oil distillers worldwide. We do not purchase from multi-level marketing companies in that we buy oils in 10 and 25 pound containers for our manufacturing needs, so we go direct to the source.  

Therapuetic Grade is a wholly misused marketing term. An Essential Oil Certification Agency does not exist.  So to verify purity, we obtain the Certificate of Analysis on every batch to assure cleanliness with no synthetic additions.  Compare our premium essential oils against what you have been using and, but be sure to check the botanical name matches!  If you find a scent difference, it may be where the plant was grown.  Regional soils and weather patterns affect ALL essential oils.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out.                                                                                          

This is a list of the most popular Essential Oils requested by our customers. Additional Natural Essential Oils are available by special order. Please email us for more information on additional oils.  Organic oils are available by request.  Dare to compare and save yourself some money. 

Our bottles sizes are 5 ml and 1/2 ounce.  1 ounce bottles are available by special order. 

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